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White Gold Revealed as the Most Popular Wedding Ring Metal

A recent poll conducted on has revealed that white gold is the most popular metal chosen by brides and grooms when it comes to their wedding rings.

47% of brides and grooms chose the sturdy, traditional, ever-lasting White Gold metal when it came to buying their wedding rings. Coming in second place is the strong, more expensive metal, Platinum, which had 28% of the vote. Traditional Gold wedding rings came in at 11% and the rest of the vote consisted of Rose Gold and Palladium.

Lee Buxton from COO Jewellers says, “White gold is a gold alloy. This gives it strength as the gold is mixed with other precious metals; this also gives white gold its defining colour. The bright white sheen on white gold comes from rhodium, which the gold is plated in, giving the ring a spectacular white finish. The beauty of white gold can be kept with a re-plate once a year to bring your wedding ring back to looking brand new”.

White Gold Revealed as the Most Popular Wedding Ring Metal

We surveyed 645 wedding planning couples.

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