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Over One Fifth of Brides Plan to Give a Speech

More than one in five brides surveyed by hitched plan to make a speech at their wedding!

A recent poll on has revealed that 22.7% of brides plan to give a speech at their wedding, challenging the tradition that the wedding speeches are just made by males in the wedding party.

A further 19.6% of brides revealed they are yet to make their minds up about whether they will take to the floor with a wedding speech.

The editor of, Caroline Hendry, commented on this emerging trend: “It makes sense in this day and age that more brides are willing to make a wedding speech. The bride may want to thank her partner’s family for welcoming her, and is able to thank her own bridesmaids, friends and family for their support.

“As the groom’s speech traditionally compliments the bride, it’s really only fair the bride can say lovely things about her new spouse in front of everyone too!”

Some brides are sticking to tradition though – 57.9% plan to just leave the speeches to the men!

We surveyed 801 brides.

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