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Over a Third of Couples Choose Engagement Rings Together

An engagement usually involves a romantic proposal and a diamond ring. To some women a proposal may come as a complete surprise but to others, hints and tips are dropped way in advance, just to ensure that the correct ring is chosen.

As the engagement ring is a piece of jewellery is going to be worn forever, its essential that the bride-to-be loves what she’s given. A survey recently conducted on revealed that 35.8% of couples chose the engagement ring together, to avoid the awkward situation of the bride not liking the ring her fiancé chose. Just over 20% of women said that they would speak up if they didn’t like the engagement ring that was given to them, and 43.6% of women said that they would be happy with whatever engagement ring they were given regardless.

Over a Third of Couples Choose Engagement Rings Together

We surveyed 179 brides-to-be.

Quotes from real brides-to-be:

“I gave subtle hints every time we walked past a jewellers, or a birthday was coming up. He has good taste so I knew he would do good.”
— Frugalhighlandbride

“My OH chose my engagement ring and I love it! I only ever really said that I would want white gold but didn’t give any other hints. It’s probably not something I would have chosen but I still love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.” — PN

“Hopefully my oh will get it right as I have a pinterest board of the rings I like so he can chose the right style!”
— Princessstephy1980

“He designed and chose it himself. I love it even more because of that.”
— *Mini*

“Fortunately I love mine...but if I hadn’t liked it I think my reaction would've said it all, so I’d have had no choice but to speak up!”
— Siobhan200286

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