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Over a Third of Brides Bought an Unexpected Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, and once you have a gown in mind, it’s hard to imagine wearing anything else down the aisle. However, research conducted in the forum has proved otherwise.

Most brides will normally search online and in magazines to get inspiration when it comes to their wedding dress, to prepare themselves for when they start visiting bridalwear shops. Some brides may take a screen-grab or a cut-out from a magazine into a bridalwear shop with them for inspiration, but a recent survey conducted on revealed that only 21.7% of brides bought what they’d always dreamed they would wearing on their wedding day, and over 30% surprised themselves and bought something completely different than what they had in mind.

Over A Third of Brides Bought an Unexpected Wedding Dress

We surveyed 138 brides-to-be.

Quotes from real brides-to-be:

“I always dreamed if a Huge satin strapless Cinderella ball gown! They looked awful on me...”
— PinkButterfly

“What I thought I wanted made me look flat and shapeless. What I ended up with was what I had always said I would never have!” — mooshy

“I bought the complete opposite to what I wanted. The dress has everything I never liked about wedding dresses, but I love it!”
— Elixia

“Mine is what I’ve dreamed of and more.”
— Woods-To-Be

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