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Over 60% of Brides Will be Wearing a Garter

Over half of brides plan to follow tradition and wear a garter under their dress.

60.9% of brides who voted in a poll revealed they plan to follow tradition and sport a garter under their dress. A further 18.4% were yet to decide whether they wanted to follow the tradition.

Wearing a garter is a symbolic wedding tradition – typically the garter would be removed, symbolising deflowering, before being tossed to the guests. More commonly now, the garter is a surprise for the groom, and brides can pick a range of designs such as a favourite football team’s colours, or traditional bridal white.

Assistant editor Zoë Burke explains why she thinks garters are still proving popular: “Brides today enjoy having fun with classic wedding traditions. Whilst a bride might choose to follow tradition with a garter, she can play with the idea by picking one with fun colours or to match the wedding theme. A garter is also a sexy surprise for the groom later on during the wedding night!”

We surveyed 174 brides.

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