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Over 25% of Couples Would Copy the Wedding Venue Choice of a Friend

Couples planning a wedding are usually quite protective when it comes to the details of their day, so as not to give too much away! One of the most important factors of the day is the location that the wedding is held, and with so much choice in the UK, it’s unlikely that two couples that are friends will want to book their special day at the same wedding venue — but, it does happen sometimes!

We wanted to find out if couples were open to the suggestion of getting married at the same venue if a friend had already booked or tied the knot there, or if being unique over-rides the fear of having a similar wedding to a friend.

Our research found that almost 73% of wedding planning couples would not choose a wedding venue that a friend had already booked for their future wedding, but just over a quarter, 25.12%, would! Just 1.9% of couples were undecided.

78% of Brides Follow the ‘Something Old, Something New...’ Tradition

We surveyed 211 wedding planning couples.

Top tips on choosing the perfect wedding venue:

  • Ensure it fits within your wedding budget
  • View the venue to make sure it will fit the capacity of your guest list
  • Sign a contract once you’re happy with the terms and conditions being offered
  • Don’t hand over a deposit unless you’re 100% sure of your wedding date and the details of your day
  • Be sure that you are both happy and comfortable with your chosen wedding venue choice

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