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Mini-Moons on the Rise

In 2013 UK newlyweds spent just over 20% of their overall wedding budgets on the honeymoon. But recent results have revealed that British couples are now treating themselves to not one, but two honeymoons!

A recent survey conducted by YouGov, commissioned by online hotel booking system Hotels4U revealed that 43% of British couples would be likely to go on a mini-moon right after they got married and 76% would then proceed to take a longer, more expensive honeymoon any time up to a year after their wedding.

When it came to the location of the mini-moon, 36% of couples said that a UK coastal or countryside break would be ideal and 32% would opt for a mini-moon break in Europe.

The top reasons stated for taking a mini-moon:

  • Spending quality time with their new partner
  • De-stress from the wedding
  • Catch up on sleep

Communications manager, Mammy Maguire, from Manchester said “It took two years of hard saving to pay for our wedding, so we didn’t want the added pressure of paying for a honeymoon on top of this. Our long weekend in Prague gave us the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries after a frantic couple of weeks in the run up to the wedding. We’d been so busy planning the wedding, and the big day was so full on, that having those few days to ourselves was just what we needed.

“Knowing that we still have our main honeymoon to look forward to is really exciting and prolongs the celebrations for another six months.”

Mini-Moons on the Rise

Information provided by Hotels4U.

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