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How Many Bridesmaids are UK Brides Choosing?

The discussion forum is full of advice and inspiration for wedding planning couples, but one topic that arises time and time again is the dilemma of choosing bridesmaids. For some brides-to-be choosing their best girls is a piece of cake, but for others the task of choosing bridesmaids can be tricky, not to mention how many to choose? Tradition states that there should be an equal amount of bridesmaids to groomsmen, but as every wedding is unique the choice is ultimately down to the bride and groom.

When surveyed, 26% of brides decided to have 2 bridesmaids and 23.7% chose to have 3 best girls supporting them on the big day. 13% of brides-to-be chose four bridesmaids and 12.4% were having 5. Surprisingly, 9.5% of wedding planning brides said that they were having more than five, and just under 11% decided to have just one friend, sibling or relative support them on the big day. 4.7% of brides-to-be, however, felt independent enough not to have any bridesmaids at all.


We surveyed 169 people.

Quotes from forum members:

“I have three sisters, job done!” — s2r

“I have four nieces, who have been looking forward to being my bridesmaid for most of their lives.” — bellaZ

“It started with two but now its 5!!”
— Babbo

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