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First Weekend in August is 2015’s Busiest for Weddings

The first weekend in August is the most popular in the year for weddings, hitched can reveal.

This weekend, which falls on the 1st and 2nd of August sees 9,945 weddings set to take place across the UK. August is typically the busiest month of the year for marriages, and with the Saturday falling on the first of the month, it makes it a memorable date to say ‘I do’.

It is also a Bank Holiday in Scotland, which could sway Scottish couples’ decision to hold their wedding this week.

If you add the increasingly popular day for weddings, Friday, into the mix, the number of couples tying the knot across the weekend swells to 12,232.

Forum member Sammi1974 reveals why she chose to marry during the busiest wedding weekend of 2015: “There wasn’t a major reason for the date, but it was an easy one for my husband-to-be to remember!”

Assistant Editor of hitched, Zoe Burke, explains: “Couples booking their wedding want a date that will be memorable, so by being able to book a Saturday that is also the first of the month they’ve hit the date jackpot. The fact it is also peak wedding season, school holidays and a Bank Holiday in Scotland are all factors too.”

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