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British Couples Stick to Wedding Traditions

Over in the States some couples choose to have their wedding photographs taken with their bridal party before the wedding ceremony, but over in the UK we tend to like the old tradition of not seeing each other before walking down the aisle. A recent poll conducted on revealed that 83.9% of couples will be sticking to tradition and will not be seeing each other on the day before the ceremony, and 7% were undecided. However, a non-superstitious 9.1% of couples were prepared to risk it all and see each other on the morning of their wedding day.

British Couples Stick to Wedding Traditions

We surveyed 186 wedding planning couples.

Quotes from real brides-to-be:

“I can’t wait for the wow moment he sees me for the first time, I think it is such a special moment that should be saved for the ceremony.”
— MrsScott2be2016

“I like the idea of doing the ‘big reveal’ before getting married. Just us 2 with the photographer. That way our nerves shouldn’t be as bad and I just know I’ll cry (lol!) so hopefully that will settle me a bit.” — LittleMissVonnie

“For me, the anticipation to see your groom makes it more romantic and exciting.”
— jayannfernandez

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