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99% of Brides Wear Make-up on Their Wedding Day

According to a recently poll run by, 99% of brides-to-be will be enhancing their natural beauty by wearing makeup on their wedding day.

With a supplier directory full of beauty, hair and makeup suppliers, has an option for every bride wanting to hire someone to transform them on the big day. 76.6% of brides said that they would be hiring a professional to apply their wedding day makeup, and 22.4% said that they would be doing their own bridal beauty regime. Just 1% of brides said that they wouldn’t be wearing any makeup on their wedding day.

99% of Brides Wear Makeup on their Wedding Day

We surveyed 201 brides-to-be.

Quotes from real brides-to-be:

“I’m going to be hiring a professional to do my make-up, purely for the fact that it will be a lovely pamper whilst I’m getting ready and will really help relax me.”
— Jem-J

“I’m going with a professional and never thought of any other way to be honest.” — NorthSouthGirl

“I went to Bare Minerals and they showed me how to do my make up for the wedding. Bit nervous about doing it myself but I’m sure it’ll be fine!!”

Visit the beauty, hair and makeup section to find a supplier near your home or wedding venue.

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