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36% of Women Would Prefer to Choose Their Own Engagement Ring

According to a recent survey run by online jewellery specialist Diamonds Factory, 36% of women would have preferred to choose their own engagement ring, as opposed to having their other half pick for them!

The survey of UK consumers revealed that 15% (1 in 6) of women were unhappy when they saw their engagement ring for the first time, despite 46% of women admitting to having given their partner detailed instructions of what their dream ring should look like.

Diamonds Factory found that 24% of men stated that they found choosing the ring was more nerve-wracking than the actual wedding day itself, and 14% (1 in 8) admitted that they were unhappy with their purchase!

Diamond size was also proven to be a real issue, with 30% (1 in 3) men admitting that they felt pressured into buying a larger engagement ring than originally planned, in order to out-do others.

Surprisingly, an average of just 11 days was spent finding the perfect engagement ring according to Diamonds Factory, with 34% of men taking just 2 days to make a rush decision. 2% of romantic men spent more than three months researching the perfect ring before making their purchase.

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36% of Would Prefer to Choose Their Own Engagement Ring

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