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Over A Third of Couples Get Engaged on Holiday

A survey by You & Your Wedding has revealed that 36% of couples get engaged whilst on holiday.

The survey asked brides when their partner popped the question in order to find out what is the most popular occasion to get engaged on. Whilst over a third reveal they got engaged on holiday, other grooms chose to pop the question closer to home.

13% got engaged during or after dinner, and a further 10% were proposed to whilst on a day out or a night away.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays all featured in the poll results, with 8% of couples getting engaged during the festive season, and 3% getting engaged on Valentine’s Day or on a birthday. Just 1% of couples saw in the New Year by getting engaged on New Year’s Eve.

7% of those surveyed got engaged whilst on a night out and 6% were proposed to in the comforting setting of their own home. Anniversaries weren’t such a popular choice for popping the question – just 3% got engaged on their anniversary.

Rachel David, the Web Editor of You & Your Wedding knows first-hand what makes a holiday proposal the perfect choice: “Speaking from experience (and obviously unable to stop talking about my newly-engaged status), a proposal anywhere will be amazing, but doing it abroad will make it even more special and help secure that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. 

“Plus, who wants to get engaged at home on Sunday and then go back to work on Monday? Anyone planning to pop the question on holiday should remember to go through a separate security check at the airport, though – that dazzling diamond will set those metal detectors off like nothing else!” 

A pie chart of engagement occasion

You & Your Wedding surveyed 2320 people.

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